Kippan and tougan, traditional sweets at the court of the Ryukyumnarchy, originated from the Fukien area of China and were first brought to Okinawa over 300 years ago.

It was during this period of Ryukyu monarchy that the local citrus fruit from northern Okinawa called Kunenbo was introduced as the main ingredient in Kippan.

At that ime Kippan and Tougan were among around 16 different kinds of fine fruits, desserts and sweets served at Royal Court functions such as when entertaining ambassadors from China.

In the Meiji era, Kippan and Tougan became available to ordinary people too but have also continued to remain popular among Japanese royalty even up to the present today.

Today the Jahana family alone continue to make these delicious sweets using time honoured recipes and much care, time and attention. Our sweets can only be purchased directly from our shop or via our website.

This is a precious picture that we restored the 16 different kinds of desserts such as recipes, sweets, fruits at the time of Ryukyu monarchy.
Peanuts, a fruit of a plantain, grapes, an arrowhead, a lotus roots, 'Man mitsu zuke', 'yakitori', sugar candy, lychee, an ice fish, horned turban, 'ryuugann', dried shrimps, 'kuwaachi (stir-fried a seed of water melon and pumpkin)', and our Kippan and Tougatsuke.
These are gorgeous and luxury 16 different kinds of desserts at the time of monarchy.