Q:Q:How soon should the sweets be consumed?

A:A:We do not add any preservatives to our sweets so kept at normal room temperature they are best consumed within 8 days. Sometimes a haze will form on the sweets due to the sugar content but this is natural and does not adversely affect the sweets flavour or edibility.

Q:Q:How can I best preserve my sweets?

A:A:Kippan can be stored in the refrigerator while Tougan should be stored in the freezer as soon as possible following purchase and delivery. This will enhance the taste and longevity of the product. Avoid exposing the sweets to high temperatures and direct sunlight to preserve and extend their quality.

Q:How are the sweets made?

A:A:Entirely by hand and exactly as they have been made for generations. The exact recipes have been passed down from generation to generation within the Jahana family.

Q:Q:What delivery services do you use?

A:A:For deliveries inside Japan we use either Yamato Takushokubin, Express Pack 500 or YouPack. For international deliveries we will choose the most appropriate carrier such as Airmail or EMS high speed delivery, and inform you by email and/or phone in advance of delivery. If you have a particular preference please email or call us to let us know.